Adam Black

Year of Call 2020

Adam called to the Bar in 2020 after 3 years in practice as a solicitor. His main areas of practice are Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Crime, Mental Health Law and Professional Discipline.

Adam has worked on clinical negligence and personal injury cases for both pursuers and defenders.

As a solicitor, Adam developed a range of criminal experience in the sheriff and high courts in mainstream crime. Adam has conducted both summary and sheriff and jury trials as well as regulatory and proceeds of crime cases. Adam also has experience appearing in children’s referral proceedings and appeals

Many of the cases in which Adam has acted have involved representing vulnerable persons. Adam has regularly appeared before the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland, and has a specialist interest in cases involving mental health issues.

Adam has experience in professional discipline. Prior to calling Adam was appointed as an ad-hoc reporter to the Law Society of Scotland’s Professional Conduct Sub-Committee.

Representative Cases

Scott Henry Sneddon Mackay v HMA [2017] HCJAC 44
As Solicitor in an appeal against conviction in the first case to consider the terms of S51A of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995.

Lilburn v AA, CG and CPLAS Trustees Limited [2018] CSIH 2
As Solicitor in an application to the Court of Session for an order ordaining the Pension Ombudsman to state a case. The applicant sought (unsuccessfully) to persuade the Court of Session to use its discretion for relief from failing to comply with the rules on the basis of his history of mental health illness.

Mason v PF Stornoway (Unreported) 2018
As Solicitor, successful appeal to Sheriff Appeal Court (Criminal) against a Sheriff’s decision to impose registration requirements under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 following the imposition of a Compulsion Order as incompetent in the circumstances.

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